My Favorite Restaurant in Burnaby!

Today I want to share with all you lovely Burnaby folks my favorite restaurant in town. I’ll just get to the point and tell you that it’s Atlas Steak and Fish. I go there at least three times a year with one of my good friends who showed me the place. I love it there because the steak is mouth-watering-ly good!

Just thinking about Atlas Steak and Fish makes me want to go there now! I might go tomorrow around 7 PM so if you want I’ll see you there. Yes, you!

I still have yet to try all of their fish dishes but I can testify that their steak is if not the best in Burnaby then at least my favorite, which means it’s better than anything in Vancouver (shameless city pride)!

So if you’re looking for a good place to eat in Burnaby then you know where to go! Enjoy.


Who Thought Getting a Towing Service in Saskatoon was Fun?

As a person who frequents North Vancouver it’s odd to catch me in Saskatoon SK, but last weekend in October, 2019 I visited a dear family member and had a funny, eye-opening experience. More on that later. It wasn’t just any other night. I’m sharing this story because I know it was funny. I hope you enjoy!

I was getting ready to hit the market after spending a night with jet-lag in the hotel when I randomly decided to drive into a ditch. Well, it wasn’t really a decision. My tired body decided for me, but we’ll conclude this part later. First, let’s talk about how I got into this situation in the first place.

I arrived in Saskatoon hours after midnight on the latest flight I could catch. I was coming from Europe because I was visiting more family there, all for the great holiday of Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving dinner was amazing and this is my sort of way of thanking all the wonderful family that hosted me! Thank you! I know, it’s sad to learn I crashed in Saskatoon, but I learned a lot from the story including the fact that getting a tow truck Saskatoon service is pretty fun.

Like I said, I was driving late at night with jet-lag and it probably wasn’t a goo idea, so crashing was my own fault. The only reason I left my hotel room was because I was really craving fried chicken. I know it’s sad but in Burnaby where my community lives I eat fried chicken with my best friends every week! And despite all that chicken I’m still lean and fit!

Anyways, time to get to the action… I was making a sharp turn, going 10 kilometers per hour faster than what the sign said, having the whole darkly lit street to myself. I started to slide because it had rained an hour beforehand and the back of my car went into the ditch. Lucky enough I didn’t get hurt and managed to collect my emotions. The first thing I did was laugh, actually. Then, I googled for the nearest, best towing company and this is where the thesis of the story comes in.

After living in Burnaby and North Vancouver for so long I was used to tow truck services that weren’t the best. It was always stressful, seemingly dealing with people from a different planet. But in Saskatoon I was blown away with how friendly the tow truck operator was. I was very satisfied by the service, especially because the tow truck operator laughed harder than I had originally laughed after I told him about how I crashed.

I learned a lot from that experience, but fortunately didn’t have to pay much, which is another reason why I think tow truck Saskatoon services are way better than tow truck Burnaby services. Knowing this now, I want to create a deeper discussion…

Should we regulate our towing industry more in British Columbia, or should we continue to let less-efficient, less-polite men control the business and make our towing remarkably less enjoyable than towing in Saskatoon?

What is your answer to this question? I’d love to know. Please submit your answer to us via email and you could win the chance of having your words posted on our blog in the near future!

Thank you for delving into my experience and from Burnaby I wish you a safe, productive day!


Why Appliance Repair is Important for Any Community, not just Canadians

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about appliance repair here on the Burnaby Community Blog. In a previous post we mentioned it concerning North Vancouver, but we want to hone in on the topic more deeply now for people who are interested in answering the ultimate question: “how does appliance repair benefit our lives?” The answer isn’t as simple as it might seem.

The invention of the domestic dish washing machine has freed up combined decades of time for artisans and scientists around the world, so they can focus on more important tasks, just like how the invention of agriculture did the same for hunters and gatherers thousands of years ago. Feminists don’t like learning this, but the invention of the domestic clothes washers and clothes drying machines have freed up and entire day every week for women to enter the workforce of their desire. Before the inventions of washers and dryers, house wives and mothers had to sacrifice and entire day to laundry, and getting clean clothes was an arduous business for women.

Other appliances like ovens, fridges, dehumidifiers, vacuums and so on have likewise saved people immense blocks of time to allow them to do other things, and this altogether has freed up millions of human work hours every year for people around the world. It cannot be denied that countries without working home appliances have less free time. In Africa, for instance, where people still live a humble, pastoral lifestyle, a day for a homestead owner is a lot more difficult for someone in the West because they don’t have vacuums to make cleaning the floor quick and easy nor electric stoves to make boiling water a simple task.

Therefore, altogether, we as a human race should be grateful that we have working appliances and cooking machinery in our kitchens and households because they, well, free up our time. And time is the only thing us humans really own to ourselves…

Thanks for reading and I hope this answered you question!


Poem About Canadian Love for the World

Here is a poem I wrote a few days ago. I hope you enjoy! It was inspired by my recent trip to North Vancouver. I hope you enjoy!

Love, how do you compare to hate?

Love for the world, my Canadian fate!

Canada, from coast to coast I adore.

The world, host to host I implore!

Love thy neighbor, love they friend.

Canadian love sees no end!

We hold up virtue, hold up order.

We hold love o’er disorder.

Love, how do you compare to hate?

Love for the world, my Canadian fate!


North Vancouver Road Trip Turns Into Adventure!

The beautiful thing about the community of Burnaby is that it’s surrounded by other amazing communities, like one of our favorites, North Vancouver. We believe anywhere in Canada is awesome, but my personal love for North Vancouver comes from childhood as that is where I lived for several years growing up.

We love the soul of Vancouver and I personally prefer such cities. I know a lot of people from Burnaby like to complain about the professional attitude of Vancouver but it’s that professionalism that keeps our economy in British Columbia alive. Imagine if everyone in British Columbia was unable to build such lovely sky scrapers, we’d already be a cantonment of China. That was a joke, but seriously I love the professionalism and wealth of North Vancouver. I have friends who run wonderful businesses there and before I get into the details of our team road trip I just wanted to say that.

We started in Metrotown, then to the East Side of Vancouver, and up to Hastings. Then, after a stopover for donuts at my friend’s deli, we crossed the Vancouver Harbour and enjoyed a fabulous day in North Vancouver.

We visited all the lovely locations of North Vancouver, like:

  1. Lower Lonsdale
  2. Pemberton Heights
  3. Capilano Highlands
  4. North Lonsdale
  5. Lynn Valley

What was my favorite part of visiting North Vancouver?

We had a bit of a slip up visiting a great, great friend of mine, and this is where the story really happens. If you want to be romantic you could call this a North Vancouver adventure, but it was a little stressful, as I imagine adventures should be.

It all started when visiting my good chum Bill’s diner. Because this story is so embarrassing, I promised not the disclose the full name of the diner because he has a great reputation and in business a blog post like this could sully that. Bill loves welcoming people from the Burnaby community to his diner, and although I called this a road trip for effect it’s really not that far away from Burnaby and people come and go here all the time because this diner is so good.

Now it may surprise you to know that this diner is actually based out of Bill’s personal home, so it’s in a residential, domestic area and that’s what makes it so special. But as if God was watching all the fun we were having, drinking coffee and eating sandwiches without a care in the world, a series of unfortunate events collapsed onto our very beings. All at once, Bill’s home kitchen appliances, like is Whirlpool range, his general electric appliances, his Frigidaire refrigerator and even his Hotpoint freezer all malfunctioned at once. Now this was of course a major surprise and seemed supernatural to us. How could all of Bill’s North Vancouver appliances bust down and break all at the same time?

Good question, mate…

We didn’t figure out what the problem with all the kitchen appliances was until after we called for appliance repair North Vancouver services. When the appliance mechanic showed up, he kindly giggled and pointed out to us that it would certainly be a supernatural phenomenon for all the appliances to stop working. But then he pointed to the digital clock and we all realized at once what he was getting at. The appliances weren’t broken, it was just that the power went out, Billy!. In all of Bill’s time in that lovely home serving customers in his diner he had never seen the power go out. And since it was a lovely, sunny day we had all the lights off, and didn’t think to turn them on to see if the power was out.

Fortunately, the kind appliance technician knew how to quickly change the fuse for us and–poof–the power was back on, ladies and gentlemen. Now that was an adventure, for me anyways. There was a time, right when all the appliances like the fridge, oven and microwave all stopped working at once, that I seriously thought a ghost or something was freaking out on us.

Well, everything turned out okay and we left North Vancouver to head back home around 7 P.M. and shared the story with our friends. Now I just shared it with you, and I hope you enjoyed.


A Poem About Canada

Hello, fellow folks in Burnaby. Wow, do we ever have an awesome community! Now what’s a better way to celebrate the love we have for each other than by singing a lovely poem about friendship in Canada?

Burnaby British Columbia Friendship

Canada, our home and place of love

We soar to friendship like a dove

Protecting each other like a glove

From the ground to the sky above

Our friendship lasts forever here

In Burnaby drinking Canadian beer

Every day’s a reason to cheer

We hug the ones we hold dear

To Canada with love

From Burnaby to Vancouver

To Surrey from Richmond

All of British Columbia stand up

For the love of friendship throw your hands up!


The Power of Friendship!

There’s an old saying that goes “you don’t know what you have until you lose it.” There’s lots of wisdom to that, but it’s not always true. Some things like friendship we can know we have it because we aught to be so forever grateful for it. Having people who love and care about you is the most beautiful thing in this world. It’s true some people can’t see how amazing it is until reflecting in hindsight, but other times you can see the love right in front of you and it’s impossible to deny its existence. My heart just warms up to think of all the amazing friends in my life and I hope yours does too.

In the City of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, it’s not too hard to make powerful friendships. We often see in the local news beautiful stories of how friendship has changed lives. Friendship among politicians, businesses, provincial governments, sports players and the marriage between lovers is such a wonderful thing to read about. The local news in Burnaby can be a great way to find inspiration, but it can also be a great way to find doubt and worry. Here at the Burnaby Community Blog we only wish to share good news. And today we have a bit for you!

British Columbia is one of the friendliest places on Planet Earth!

  1. We wave hello and smile to strangers.
  2. We trust strangers to watch our stuff when we use the public bathroom.
  3. We don’t fear people stealing are cars or breaking into our houses.
  4. People who are sick are considerate and wash their hands.
  5. We have a brilliant future to look forward to as a province together.
  6. We are British Columbians, and to us love matters!

Here in Burnaby BC we just want to take the time to praise all the great friendships around the world. The love you share with others, no matter where you are, impacts all of us for the better, so don’t be afraid to be more open with your love and to share it. The power of friendship is on your side!

Thank you!