Why Appliance Repair is Important for Any Community, not just Canadians

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about appliance repair here on the Burnaby Community Blog. In a previous post we mentioned it concerning North Vancouver, but we want to hone in on the topic more deeply now for people who are interested in answering the ultimate question: “how does appliance repair benefit our lives?” The answer isn’t as simple as it might seem.

The invention of the domestic dish washing machine has freed up combined decades of time for artisans and scientists around the world, so they can focus on more important tasks, just like how the invention of agriculture did the same for hunters and gatherers thousands of years ago. Feminists don’t like learning this, but the invention of the domestic clothes washers and clothes drying machines have freed up and entire day every week for women to enter the workforce of their desire. Before the inventions of washers and dryers, house wives and mothers had to sacrifice and entire day to laundry, and getting clean clothes was an arduous business for women.

Other appliances like ovens, fridges, dehumidifiers, vacuums and so on have likewise saved people immense blocks of time to allow them to do other things, and this altogether has freed up millions of human work hours every year for people around the world. It cannot be denied that countries without working home appliances have less free time. In Africa, for instance, where people still live a humble, pastoral lifestyle, a day for a homestead owner is a lot more difficult for someone in the West because they don’t have vacuums to make cleaning the floor quick and easy nor electric stoves to make boiling water a simple task.

Therefore, altogether, we as a human race should be grateful that we have working appliances and cooking machinery in our kitchens and households because they, well, free up our time. And time is the only thing us humans really own to ourselves…

Thanks for reading and I hope this answered you question!