Want to know more about your local City of Burnaby community bloggers?

Well, we love sharing and talking about what we do. We strive to represent the overall community of our lovely city by talking about local ideas, artwork, news and inspiring stories. We proud of our city and the fact that we’re Canadian and we express this in the blog posts we write so that people from other cities get jealous. Just kidding. We don’t want anyone to get jealous, but we can’t blame people for doing so because, after all, Burnaby, we believe, is the best city in the world!

On our blog you can look forward to talk of everything Burnaby, from the parks to the entertainment and the behind scenes of every day life. We plan to cover a lot of material over the years and we’re glad you’re with us.

Burnaby for life!

Here’s 5 reasons why we love Burnaby so much:

  1. The people here are polite most of the time.
  2. There is a lots of stuff to do.
  3. The nature here is wonderful.
  4. The houses here are quality.
  5. The government does a good job for us!