Why We Love British Columbia!

It’s not something that can be put into a single inspirational quote. The reasons we love this beautiful province are multifarious and complex. Nowhere else in Canada can you get the kind of spectacular views of nature that we do here, as mountains loom in every direction you look.

We have some of the cleanest running water systems in the world and British Columbians can all agree that, of course depending on where you go, we’d much rather taste our own tap water than American bottled water–it’s that good!

The community of the City of Burnaby is no different. We got nature, water, wildlife and, although because of our do-it-yourself economy there is an expected amount of arrogant rich people, people overall are very polite and truly Canadian in their values. Even the arrogant rich ones get nice around Christmas time…

Now for tourists and people across the world thinking of moving here, consider this list of 5 reasons why British Columbia is the best place in the world!

  1. We’re a Canadian province right next to the Pacific Ocean which means in most cases the beach or a lake is never too far away!
  2. The mountain ranges are practically unlimited and you’ll never see a flat land the same way again after visiting here.
  3. Local food is amazingly delicious with our own local specialties like the Bronut in Tofino, the Nanaimo Bar, Canadian cheeses/wines and, don’t ever forget, CANADIAN LOCAL CRAFT BEER!
  4. We have the best hockey team ever, the Vancouver Canucks! Now before someone from Detroit says the Canucks suck, try saying that to someone who lives in Vancouver!
  5. Our economy is one of the best in the world and with cost of living being high you can be assured that the people who share your community with are ethical and responsible. In other words our housing is to die for!