COVID-19 has hit the British Columbia economy hard, and business owners are calling for employees to get back to work. But not all workers are so eager. In Kamloops, an appliance repair company, engulfed with too much business to handle as quarantining home-sitters wish to fix their kitchen appliances, is struggling to get technicians to work. We feel people on both sides of the equation can understand the opposite point of view.

Our Kamloops worker has refused to go back to work, because he lives with his grandparents and doesn’t want to risk giving them the corona virus. He has done all he can to quarantine thus far and doesn’t want to sully his efforts now, not when “BC is so close to winning this fight for good.”

Nevertheless, the company that says they offer the best appliance repair Kamloops BC can provide, seeing themselves on the brink of bankruptcy, is threatening to fire our worker if he doesn’t come to work by Monday.

In an interview with the worker who wishes to remain anonymous, he said “Burnaby and the rest of British Columbia where the corona virus has hit hard should take all the sacrifices they need to keep the Province in lock-down for just another few months.”

Our worker is willing to sacrifice his job, and he’s asking “are you?” Not everyone is, especially when there’s a multitude of people working in “essential businesses” that don’t have to.

We here at the Burnaby Community Blog agree with said worker. And we ask everyone who doesn’t to do their research. Ask yourself, what’s better? Opening the economy now and risking a second wave or waiting another few months and drastically reducing the risk of a second wave?

We hope you make the right decision, and here’s a video to help: