The beautiful thing about the community of Burnaby is that it’s surrounded by other amazing communities, like one of our favorites, North Vancouver. We believe anywhere in Canada is awesome, but my personal love for North Vancouver comes from childhood as that is where I lived for several years growing up.

We love the soul of Vancouver and I personally prefer such cities. I know a lot of people from Burnaby like to complain about the professional attitude of Vancouver but it’s that professionalism that keeps our economy in British Columbia alive. Imagine if everyone in British Columbia was unable to build such lovely sky scrapers, we’d already be a cantonment of China. That was a joke, but seriously I love the professionalism and wealth of North Vancouver. I have friends who run wonderful businesses there and before I get into the details of our team road trip I just wanted to say that.

We started in Metrotown, then to the East Side of Vancouver, and up to Hastings. Then, after a stopover for donuts at my friend’s deli, we crossed the Vancouver Harbour and enjoyed a fabulous day in North Vancouver.

We visited all the lovely locations of North Vancouver, like:

  1. Lower Lonsdale
  2. Pemberton Heights
  3. Capilano Highlands
  4. North Lonsdale
  5. Lynn Valley

What was my favorite part of visiting North Vancouver?

We had a bit of a slip up visiting a great, great friend of mine, and this is where the story really happens. If you want to be romantic you could call this a North Vancouver adventure, but it was a little stressful, as I imagine adventures should be.

It all started when visiting my good chum Bill’s diner. Because this story is so embarrassing, I promised not the disclose the full name of the diner because he has a great reputation and in business a blog post like this could sully that. Bill loves welcoming people from the Burnaby community to his diner, and although I called this a road trip for effect it’s really not that far away from Burnaby and people come and go here all the time because this diner is so good.

Now it may surprise you to know that this diner is actually based out of Bill’s personal home, so it’s in a residential, domestic area and that’s what makes it so special. But as if God was watching all the fun we were having, drinking coffee and eating sandwiches without a care in the world, a series of unfortunate events collapsed onto our very beings. All at once, Bill’s home kitchen appliances, like is Whirlpool range, his general electric appliances, his Frigidaire refrigerator and even his Hotpoint freezer all malfunctioned at once. Now this was of course a major surprise and seemed supernatural to us. How could all of Bill’s North Vancouver appliances bust down and break all at the same time?

Good question, mate…

We didn’t figure out what the problem with all the kitchen appliances was until after we called for appliance repair North Vancouver services. When the appliance mechanic showed up, he kindly giggled and pointed out to us that it would certainly be a supernatural phenomenon for all the appliances to stop working. But then he pointed to the digital clock and we all realized at once what he was getting at. The appliances weren’t broken, it was just that the power went out, Billy!. In all of Bill’s time in that lovely home serving customers in his diner he had never seen the power go out. And since it was a lovely, sunny day we had all the lights off, and didn’t think to turn them on to see if the power was out.

Fortunately, the kind appliance technician knew how to quickly change the fuse for us and–poof–the power was back on, ladies and gentlemen. Now that was an adventure, for me anyways. There was a time, right when all the appliances like the fridge, oven and microwave all stopped working at once, that I seriously thought a ghost or something was freaking out on us.

Well, everything turned out okay and we left North Vancouver to head back home around 7 P.M. and shared the story with our friends. Now I just shared it with you, and I hope you enjoyed.