My Favorite Restaurant in Burnaby!

Today I want to share with all you lovely Burnaby folks my favorite restaurant in town. I’ll just get to the point and tell you that it’s Atlas Steak and Fish. I go there at least three times a year with one of my good friends who showed me the place. I love it there because the steak is mouth-watering-ly good!

Just thinking about Atlas Steak and Fish makes me want to go there now! I might go tomorrow around 7 PM so if you want I’ll see you there. Yes, you!

I still have yet to try all of their fish dishes but I can testify that their steak is if not the best in Burnaby then at least my favorite, which means it’s better than anything in Vancouver (shameless city pride)!

So if you’re looking for a good place to eat in Burnaby then you know where to go! Enjoy.