“British Columbia Fever”: Full Definition

I’m not one to coin terms, but ever since I started saying “British Columbia fever” some time ago I’ve noticed all my friends using it. Now, a lot of people use it from North Vancouver to Kamloops and when I decided to get serious about blogging again I knew this would be the first thing I talked about. Sorry for the long wait, but here’s the definition proper for everyone who has been using the term erroneously.

British Columbia fever (BC fever) is not a feeling you get when you’ve been away from home for long. It’s also not a feeling you can use to describe a feeling of being a BC citizen to foreigners. It’s a very special term that only people who’ve lived and grown up in BC can understand.

Perhaps (I wouldn’t be surprised if so) other places around the world have similar terms to describe their geography. But, for people who have lived here, do you know that feeling when winter is just ending and the sun starts to come out? All the flowers bloom and summer’s on the horizon? The forests call for us to enter, the lakes scream our names, and the beautiful nature of this land we live in enjoys our company. Do you remember how that feels? We’ve never left, yet we’ve waited so long to be here. As if British Columbia was asleep in the winter, it wakes up to party come spring.

That feeling you get when winter shifts to spring and you just feel like going outside and trying something new is the British Columbia fever, and there’s no other word in the English language to describe how great it feels. It feels so great, not even a beautiful poem can compare.

That’s the BC fever!