As a person who frequents North Vancouver it’s odd to catch me in Saskatoon SK, but last weekend in October, 2019 I visited a dear family member and had a funny, eye-opening experience. More on that later. It wasn’t just any other night. I’m sharing this story because I know it was funny. I hope you enjoy!

I was getting ready to hit the market after spending a night with jet-lag in the hotel when I randomly decided to drive into a ditch. Well, it wasn’t really a decision. My tired body decided for me, but we’ll conclude this part later. First, let’s talk about how I got into this situation in the first place.

I arrived in Saskatoon hours after midnight on the latest flight I could catch. I was coming from Europe because I was visiting more family there, all for the great holiday of Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving dinner was amazing and this is my sort of way of thanking all the wonderful family that hosted me! Thank you! I know, it’s sad to learn I crashed in Saskatoon, but I learned a lot from the story including the fact that getting a tow truck Saskatoon service is pretty fun.

Like I said, I was driving late at night with jet-lag and it probably wasn’t a goo idea, so crashing was my own fault. The only reason I left my hotel room was because I was really craving fried chicken. I know it’s sad but in Burnaby where my community lives I eat fried chicken with my best friends every week! And despite all that chicken I’m still lean and fit!

Anyways, time to get to the action… I was making a sharp turn, going 10 kilometers per hour faster than what the sign said, having the whole darkly lit street to myself. I started to slide because it had rained an hour beforehand and the back of my car went into the ditch. Lucky enough I didn’t get hurt and managed to collect my emotions. The first thing I did was laugh, actually. Then, I googled for the nearest, best towing company and this is where the thesis of the story comes in.

After living in Burnaby and North Vancouver for so long I was used to tow truck services that weren’t the best. It was always stressful, seemingly dealing with people from a different planet. But in Saskatoon I was blown away with how friendly the tow truck operator was. I was very satisfied by the service, especially because the tow truck operator laughed harder than I had originally laughed after I told him about how I crashed.

I learned a lot from that experience, but fortunately didn’t have to pay much, which is another reason why I think tow truck Saskatoon services are way better than tow truck Burnaby services. Knowing this now, I want to create a deeper discussion…

Should we regulate our towing industry more in British Columbia, or should we continue to let less-efficient, less-polite men control the business and make our towing remarkably less enjoyable than towing in Saskatoon?

What is your answer to this question? I’d love to know. Please submit your answer to us via email and you could win the chance of having your words posted on our blog in the near future!

Thank you for delving into my experience and from Burnaby I wish you a safe, productive day!